Phantom Balance release video for "Out the Window"

Brothers Ezrah Ounce and Frank Villon come together to create Phantom Balance’s newest album, You are Going to Die Soon. In their video, “Out the Window,” off of this new album the duo breathes to life the experiences of three friends in a calloused and sometimes desperate small town community while never forgetting the ardency that comes from a group of friends finding their niche.

The video, “Out the Window,” is the first big production by Phantom Balance who will be announcing their album release date and Itunes preorder within the week. 

The duo moves beyond their established name in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where they started in 2010 to create a story that is relatable to people growing up all over the world.

With the help of Australian producer Carnivals who Guardian magazine calls “Blissful electronica matching rapture with dread,” and captured visually by photographer Wes Eisenhaeur and Passenger Productions, Phantom Balance sets a new standard for their work.

The album, which Phantom Balance has said is their most personal to date, is based on their own experiences growing up in Minnesota on a reservation and small town. Brutality and indifference meets the nostalgia and wonder that manifests itself in the heartland of America.