Owen and Into It. Over It. cover each other on split

Polyvinyl Records announced the forthcoming split 7-inch from Owen and Into It. Over It.. The Chicago-based songwriters and buds forever, otherwise respectively known as Mike Kinsella and Evan Weiss, have also performed and recorded together as two thirds of the band Their / They’re / There. With an incredible respect for each others’ abilities as songwriters, Weiss and Kinsella were excited when the idea came to them to cover each others’ songs as part of a split.  In addition to the two covers, the 7-inch contains two songs from each artist performed by the songwriters themselves. Track listing below.
Stream Owen’s “Poor Souls” (Covered by Into It. Over It.)

Stream Into It. Over It.’s “Anchor” (Covered by Owen)

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Owen/Into It. Over It. Split 7″ Track Listing:
Side A
01. Owen – “Poison Arrows”
02. Into It. Over It. – “Poor Souls” (Originally By Owen)
Side B
01. Into It. Over It. – “Local Language”
02. Owen – “Anchor” (Originally By Into It. Over It.)