Northernmost share "Milo" from forthcoming EP

Sounding like a cross between Brand New and Balance and Composure, reverb rockers Northernmost are set to take their place in today’s music scene. The Massachusetts-based quintet have been hard at work preparing for the release of their new EP, titled Pinedale, due out September 18 on Rude Fox Records.
Today Northernmost have partnered with New Noise Magazine to exclusively unveil the EP’s debut single, “Milo.” The song draws the listener in from the first note and serves as the best way to acquaint newcomers with what Northernmost has to offer – personal yet relatable lyrics set to hard-hitting rock music with a grungy undertone.
“‘Milo’ is a bit of a revenge song about a time where someone screwed me over. It’s tied into how that person made me feel and continues to make me feel. I had to get it off my chest,” says Scott Myers (vocals/guitar). “It’s about where I am at this point in my life.” At this point in their career, the band is ready to take things up a notch, and they’re doing just that with “Milo.”
Listen to “Milo” through New Noise Magazine: