Mount Saint Mountain to Release Flowertown (Cindy, Tony Jay) LP

Flowertown, a duo comprised of Karina Gill and Michael Ramos, first wrote a song together because their respective projects (Cindy and Tony Jay) were scheduled to play a show together in March 2020. The show didn’t happen, but as shelter-in-place took effect they started trading song ideas and writing collaboratively, sending voice memos back and forth and eventually recording the songs in Karina’s basement on a four-track.

Freeform Freakout’s Glenn Donaldson says, “Flowertown is indebted to the great works of post-Velvets indie: Galaxie 500’s trilogy, Cannanes A Love Affair with Nature, Low’s I Could Live in Hope, ’90-’93 Yo La Tengo, but thankfully they didn’t forget to write songs and find their own voices and charm inside that sound. If you wander the outer avenues out to Land’s End with this in your headphones, you may float away into oblivion. This feels like a band that is about to write a timeless album, and I am more than ready with my PayPal login info.”

To date, Flowertown has released two EPs on cassette with Paisley Shirt Records, and now they’re being remastered and compiled on vinyl by Mt.St.Mtn. The LP sees release on July 2 and the first pressing is available on clear vinyl. Order the LP here. Non-U.S. customers can order via Midheaven. U.K. customers can order via Monorail Music (Glasgow) or World Of Echo (London).