Modern Life Is War drummer arrested after police car chase

Modern Life Is War drummer Tyler Oleson was brought into custody over the weekend after leading Marshalltown, IA authorities on a short car chase, which led to a collision with a squad car.  Authorities told Des Moines Register that Oleson was driving alongside a marked police car on Saturday night (September 7), and allegedly instigated the incident when he “basically flipped off the officer.”
Marshalltown police Sgt. Melinda Ruopp said that the officer initially ignored the gesture, but then Oleson kept alongside the patrol car and proceeded to try and run it off the road. “It was like he wanted our attention,” Ruopp said, “so he got it.”
The patrol car got behind Oleson’s vehicle, which apparently led the musician to step on his brakes, but the cops avoided a collision. Oleson is said to have then sped away, leading authorities on a three-minute car chase. He is also said to have tried to reverse his vehicle into the squad car, and later braked in front of another cop car, causing the latter to strike the musician’s car.
Oleson reportedly fled his vehicle by foot, and was chased by officers who tasered him before taking him into custody. Once brought in, he was charged with “alluding criminal mischief in the second degree for intentionally slamming is his brakes; aggravated assault for trying to run an officer off the road; and OWI first offense.” Additionally charges could be laid at a later date.
Oleson has not made a statement about the incident, but the band posted on Facebook that the incident shouldn’t affect the band’s U.S. tour dates this October.
They wrote:
Some of you may have heard news today regarding a member of our band today. Bottom line is that he is our friend first and foremost and we will support him. Our upcoming shows will happen as planned unless you hear otherwise from us.
See the dates here.