Miss Pussycat and Quintron ready "Mystery in Old Bath Bath" for Terror Vision Records & Video

New Orleans based filmmaker, puppeteer, musician, and all-around creative artist Miss Pussycat has been entertaining audiences for over 15 years with her traveling puppet show and collaborations with experimental electronic musician Quintron. A Quintron and Miss Pussycat show is an unmatched live experience (the duo will be on tour this summer) but Miss Pussycat has also translated some of her shows to film. Three of these, as well as soundtrack album Athropomorphizer will be released over the coming months via new Graveface imprint, Terror Vision Records & Video.
Stream the trailer for “Mystery in Old Bathbath” via Brooklyn Vegan The complex and intricate puppet shows should appeal to all ages, with tactile and idiosyncratic characters, pithy dialogue, electronically pixilated soundtracks, and trippy black light effects to create a visual and engaging background to Quintron and Miss Pussycat’s music.  The first VHS slated for release is “The Mystery in Old Bathbath,” due out May 22.  A bit on the plot…  Something is wrong with the Happy Tree! For some reason, he can’t send out secret messages anymore. Trixie and Marsha set off to an ancient spa town to find a cure before all his branches fall off. But this town is kind of funny and the historic Art Museum of Bathbath seems to have some secrets of it’s own. And so does the drummer JJ Suade… Adventure unfolds as Trixie and Marsha try to save the Happy Tree and look at art made by thirsty people.
From the highly curatorial mind that has brought you musical releases from the likes of Xiu Xiu, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Haley Bonar, Hospital Ships, Dosh, Whirr, Serengeti, Jason Molina, and many more for the last 10+ years under the Graveface Records imprint, this spring announces a new member of the family: Terror Vision Records & Video.
The are three components to this new venture and they are as follows: 1. Release obscure movie soundtracks on vinyl (horror/sci-fi/oddball) 2. Release films on VHS – both new and classics (horror/sci-fi/oddball) 3. VHS rental shop located within Graveface Records & Curiosities in Savannah, GA
The first four vinyl releases are as follows:
T.V.001 “Not of this Earth” OST by Chuck Cirino (’88)
T.V.002 “555” OST by Frankie ‘Hollywood’ Rodriguez (’88)
T.V.003 “From a Whisper to a Scream (The Offspring)” OST by Jim Manzie (’87)
T.V.004 “Killing Spree” OST by Perry Monroe (’87)
All of the cues have been pulled from the original tapes and have been mastered for vinyl by Collin Jordan (Boiler Room) in Chicago. Release dates, vinyl color info, soundtrack samplers & pre-order information is all coming soon. Terror Vision will be producing original content in addition to releasing classic soundtracks. We’ll be announcing some of those collaborations very soon.
If you’re in the Savannah area, Terror Vision will be a opening a 1000+ piece VHS horror/sci-fi/oddball rental shop in the back of Graveface Records and Curiosities.
Last but not least, Terror Vision is offering a subscription option similar to the widely popular Graveface Record Club. The Terror Vision subscription comes with members-only vinyl colors, lathe cut 7″, exclusive tee, slipmat, discounts at our online store for distributed titles, and more. The subscription is extremely limited.
For more information or to join now, visit here: http://www.terror-vision.com/2015-terror-vision-subscription-1/tvsub