Maxon collaborates with EarthQuaker Devices on limited edition, 40th Anniversary modded OD808

Maxon has collaborated with master pedal engineer Jamie Stillman of Earthquaker Devices to bring you the limited edition 40th Anniversary Earthquaker Devices-modded OD808.

Stillman had this to say, “The limited mod for 1-40 features higher gain, more low end and a different EQ curve which focuses more on the midrange while leaving the lows and highs intact. I’ve been calling it the ‘Mosfet signal shredder’.”

As with the OD808-40K and OD808-40C, the OD808-40E will be limited to a production of  individually numbered units, each with its own signed certificate of authenticity. The unit begins shipping in late November.

Order it here:

The OD808-40E features Earthquaker Devices’ “Signal Shredder” Mod which lends a more open feel to the classic OD808 sound, with more clarity and punch thanks to an enhanced upper midrange, alternate clipping diodes, and increased output volume.