Mammoth Weed Wizard share "Les Paradis Artificiels" from forthcoming debut

Welsh quartet Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard (or MWWB as we like to call ’em) share the first track to their forthcoming debut today via Noisey. The track “Les Paradis Artificiels” is available to hear HERE.

The three-song, over 50-minute album Noeth Ac Anoeth to be released by London, UK label New Heavy Sounds derives its title from an old Welsh phrase which is a druidic concept meaning an abode of existence, or Hades crossed with nothingness. It is the band’s first release on LP and CD, following a cassette demo released in early 2015 comprised of the single 30-minute doom rock space opera “Nachthexen” which is included on this release.
MWWB’s sound has all the crushing weight and expanse of Ufommamut, Windhand or Yob, combined with a love of the hypnotic grooves of Amon Duul II, the cosmic soundscapes of Hawkwind and Cult of Luna at their most cosmic, and a dose of dark psychedelia. Crammed with a dark medley of riffs and textures, and topped off by MWWB’s secret weapon, the angelic siren song of vocalist Jessica Ball.
Kerrang made MWWB ‘Band of The Week’ and when TapeWorship Records issued the demo on cassette, it sold out in two days.
In addition to the epic “Nachthexen”, “Les Paradis Artificiels” is another downtuned epic, the mammoth riffs and shifts are still there, but here the vocals are more present, mesmerizing and fully integrated. It’s like the Cocteau Twins or My Bloody Valentine landed in a doom band and said “fuck yeah, this works.” Closer “Slave Moon” is experimental… progressive even. 10-plus minutes of thumping atmospherics and ascending guitar layers, and some pretty filthy, yet catchy riffing.
Expect MWWB’s first proper album in 2016. Noeth Ac Anoeth is released by New Heavy Sounds on CD, download and limited edition transparent frosted vinyl (with CD included) on December 4. Physical pre-orders are available HERE.