Magic Sword shares video for "Sword of Truth"

Magic Sword released their self-titled debut earlier this year, and the mysterious band just unveiled the Shay Plummer-drawn animated comic video (see Nerdist debut)…
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Rumors of the true identity behind Magic Sword began swirling in 2012 when one of the masked, anonymous producer’s tracks surfaced on a radio station in Boise. Magic Sword’s debut album quietly found its way onto store shelves, but it wasn’t available for long. As word about the project spread through the region, copies of the record quickly sold out.
Magic Sword made its live debut to a packed venue at the 2013 Treefort Music Fest. Over the next year­-and-­a-­half, Magic Sword brought capacity crowds to downtown Boise’s biggest clubs and shared bills with the likes of Odesza and Slow Magic.
Following a series of street-level guerrilla concerts in Portland as well as a few tracks getting placed in GoPro’s “Streets of Japan” documentary, Magic Sword entered 2015 to a flurry of international interest surrounding the act’s involvement with the hotly anticipated video game Hotline Miami 2. Still maintaining the veil of anonymity, Magic Sword’s debut album, Volume 1 was re­released in early 2015 with label support.  Supporters can pay whatever they like to download the album and a comic telling the legend of the Magic Sword here: