Luggage ready Shift for Corpse Flower, tour (2019)

Chicago-based monolithic minimalist trio Luggage are primed to release their third full-length, Shift, on November 22.  From the opening bars of Shift’s first track, “Cam,” Luggage demonstrates their modus operandi—muscular economic drum patterns, lurching repetitive bass, glassy and discordant guitar lines, and fractured, disembodied vocals. It almost harkens back to the earliest days of industrial music, where ham-fisted grooves underscore throbbing bass and scratchy swaths of dissonant texture. 

 Recorded at Electrical Audio in Chicago with Matthew Barnhart (Shearwater, The New Year) handling the engineering duties, Shift was recorded almost entirely live (with the exception of vocals and a few minor overdubbed embellishments).  As a result, Shift bears Electrical Audio’s trademark hi-fidelity perfection and organic purity. The band members’ disciplined restraint and frequency-specific contributions allow the listener to hear every instrument, every nuance, and every tonal deviation. 

Shift will be released via Corpse Flower Records and is available for pre-order here.  Luggage will be on the road in November and December.

Nov 27, Chicago, IL. Empty Bottle (record release show)

Dec 2, Detroit, MI. Outer Limits

Dec 4, Kingston, NY. Tubby’s

Dec 5, New York, NY. Trans Pecos

Dec 6, Columbus, OH. Cafe Bourdon Street