Lightning Bolt Announce New Album Sonic Citadel

Legendary duo Lightning Bolt will be releasing their seventh full-length album, Sonic Citadel, on October 11th, 2019. On Sonic Citadel, the band often called the loudest rock outfit around have done the daring, stripping away some of their distorted masks to reveal the naked pop forms beneath the noise like never before. In addition to the new album, Lightning Bolt will be reissuing their entire Load Records catalog via Thrill Jockey throughout 2019 and 2020, starting with Wonderful Rainbow, out August 23rd. Lightning Bolt will be touring the fall and winter.

Lightning Bolt – Sonic Citadel tracklist:
1. Blow To The Head
2. USA Is A Psycho
3. Air Conditioning
4. Hüsker Dön’t
5. Big Banger
6. Halloween 3
7. Don Henley In The Park
8. Tom Thump
9. Bouncy House
10. All Insane
11. Van Halen 2049

Lightning Bolt tour dates:
Sep. 6 – Denver, CO – Denver Hex Festival
Sep. 14 – Brooklyn, NY – Open Air at 99 Scott
Oct. 10-13 – Lake Perris, CA – Desert Daze