Lianne La Havas featured in film about Tate Britain

Singer-songwriter Lianne La Havas recently performed an intimate gig in the galleries of Tate Britain and discusses desire and womanhood in two iconic works from the Tate collection. Speaking about one of her favorite paintings, ‘Portrait of Margaret, Duchess of Argyll by Gerald Brockhurst, Lianne said:
“It’s great to see such a strong image of a woman. I’m a real believer in knowing who you are, in self-worth and it’s very clear she’s a desirable woman, an object of desire.”
The BBC’s Sound of 2012 poll nominee also shares another all-time favorite artwork, Sarah Lucas’ Bunny photographs: “Sarah’s teasing us here; from a distance the images are sensual object of desire but up close they’re stuffed stockings. There’s more to being a woman than teasing us with stockings.”
The new film is being used to promote the gallery’s free collections Check it out here: