Landlines ready LP for Mt St Mtn

Landlines are set to release their Log Out, Tune Up, Drop Dead LP via Mt St Mtn on July 14. It is limited to 100 copies. Mailing list can order early HERE.
The band is a Kiwi-influenced DIY, power-pop band whose music is often complex and muscular, with songs exploding at once and sounding like a lo-if take on Televisions guitar masterpiece Marquee Moon. Other times, the bands musical tilt-a-whirl slows down to a languid crawl so you can better parse the wry, Stephen Malkmus-inspired wordplay.
Listen to “Things Haven’t Been The Same (Since You Got Back From Italy)”
Catch them live:
7/19 – The Know, Portland OR w/ Numb Bats, Is/Is
7/29 – Kenton Club, Portland OR w/ Appendixes