Kevin Devine and Meredith Graves release split 7-inch

Today marks the official release of the split 7-inch from Kevin Devine and Meredith Graves of Perfect Pussy! The record can be purchased physically through Bad Timing Records’ webstore, and digitally through bandcamp. After a lot of hard work and soul-sharing, Kevin, Meredith and Bad Timing Records are thrilled to release this record out into the world. Meredith’s song “Took The Ghost To The Movies” streamed earlier this month via Spin. Kevin Devine’s song “Gießen,” about the memories of his old friend and Goddamn Band-mate Mike Skinner who passed away in 2014 can be heard through Village Voice. A memorial trust for Mike Skinner’s son can be found HERE.
Kevin on Meredith’s song: “You get hurt being vulnerable. But also, there’s a kind of bravery in letting yourself be vulnerable. Vulnerability is not necessarily cool and detached; it requires a level of engagement that isn’t always looked at as cool but is, to me, the difference between — and I like a lot of cool, detached art too — but the stuff I tend to let all the way in is usually by people who are letting me in.”
Meredith on Kevin’s song: “Kevin’s writing has given me a positive model for grieving. I think what he’s done is create a safe framework to experience all of the emotions directly impacting and surrounding his grief, and what he’s created is a really vulnerable portrait of the way one person grieves that will make other people in similar situations feel less alone.”