kandodo ready self-titled album for Thrill Jockey

kandodo (the lowercase “k” is intentional) is the solo project of Simon Price, singer/guitarist of The Heads.  Kandodo will release a self-titled album on June 12 via Thrill Jockey.
Price was raised in Zambia and Malawi, which left an indelible mark on him personally, and is manifest in the song titles, artwork, and name of the project. Named after a Malawian supermarket that he used to shop in back in the late ’80s, the debut self-titled album contains mini-sonic soundscapes that start firmly grounded and then go off into the deepest reaches of space.  Along the way, Simon touches on influences as diverse as Kraftwerk, Neu!, Eno, Morricone, Stooges, Loop, and Spacemen 3. 
Listen to the first single from the record here: