JU4N Set To Release New Album

Shaping a beautifully distinct auditory environment all his own, Austin-based electronic composer Juan Cisneros known as JU4N fuses elements of new age, neoclassical and modern jazz into uniquely conceptual pieces on this latest album Enhanced Interior Landscapes. Utilizing the expressive sound design capabilities of FM synthesis as his canvas,  Cisneros dives headfirst into Avant-minimalism via MIDI-controlled sequencing on both vintage hardware and modern software. Fractured melodies playfully coalesce into multilayered compositions as they course through a colorful cast of hyperreal soundscapes and morphing polyrhythms. Beyond the shimmering crystal bells and glassy digital piano,  Cisneros’ imaginative exploration of tone and understated complexity reaches new heights of refinement with each passing phrase. JU4N shares the first single “Loops For MIDI Pt. 1” in anticipation of the release.