Isis to release remastered Panopticon

Isis will release a remastered edition of their third album Panopticon on April 29 via Ipecac Recordings. Former band vocalist/guitarist Aaron Turner said of the new outing:
“After some years away from the material, Panopticon now feels like the most optimistic of all the Isis albums, dark as the subject matter may be. Giving voice to my concerns about the loss of privacy and the deterioration of personal freedom through the lyrics on the album made those subjects weigh less heavily on my mind.
Something about the sound of the songs feels open and bright to me as well – post-millennial depression and pre-apocalyptic paranoia hadn’t yet taken hold I suppose. Panopticon also feels like a turning point to me in the trajectory of Isis, and serves as a personal place-marker for me in terms of how the world of music and music consumption was shifting radically around that time.
Things have certainly become cloudier since then and more uncertain – in that way the subject matter of Panopticon also now seems a bit premonitory.”
New packaging and a 12 page booklet created by Turner will also be included.