Invisible Things share "Rockets"

Invisible Things’ newest jam, “Rockets,” is now streaming via Self-Titled Magazine.
Hailed by Self-Titled as “a racket all you Lightning Bolt lifers will dig,” the song appears on Invisible Things’ album, Time As One Axis, out May 12th on New Atlantis Records (Upsilon Acrux, Stern).
Ride the snake, here.
A Brooklyn/Chicago duo consisting of guitarist Mark Shippy, formerly of US Maple, and drummer Jim Sykes, formerly of Parts & Labor, Invisible Things shreds out driving noise-rock and abstract freakouts – something like a looser, free-jazz version of Sonic Youth, a heavier US Maple, or as Self-Titled puts it, a racket the Lightning Bolt lifers will dig. Sykes, by day a professor of ethnomusicology at the University of Pennsylvania, is inspired by Sri Lankan drumming, among other things. Time As One Axis, the band’s second album, was recorded by the legendary Martin Bisi at B.C. Studios in Brooklyn, NY. Bisi’s long list of credits includes Sonic Youth, Swans, Unsane, Cop Shoot Cop, John Zorn, Bill Laswell, and Herbie Hancock.
Brooklyn Vegan, who hailed Invisible Things as “eccentric noise rock,” recently premiered another new track, “Kniii…,” off the new album.
Stand by for U.S. tour dates!