Infinity Cat Cassette Series features Music Band

Infinity Cat Recordings recently announced the Infinity Cat Cassette Series, a bi-monthly reel-to-reel extravaganza curated by Diarrhea Planet’s Casey Weissbuch.  Nashville music band Music Band kicks off the series today with Can I Live, their first physical release and the follow-up to their hysterical self-released “live” album Live at the Wembly.  You can check out a full album stream (see Impose debut)…
Listen/Post Can I Live Full Album Stream
Music Band seeped out of a broken sewage line in an upstate New York dormitory, and somehow it’s Nashville’s problem now.  Brothers-in-dirt Harry Kagan (guitar), Duncan Shea (bass), and Lee Putney (drums) have been both room- and bandmates for over three years, and a single experience of seeing them on stage makes it clear that they just can’t get rid of each other.  These boys seem to have it all-save, perhaps, access to heaven-and they want to give it to everyone: yelling, softness, debauchery, tall tees, three part harmonies, dirt-thunder, thrill beats, backbeats, big hearts, nice teeth, thug moves, sensitivity, positivity, gravity, big ole styrofoam cups, boxed wine, shadow-douvbles, power crystals, sacred talismans, and stright-up love to name a few.
Limited to 300 tapes, Can I Live contains two sides of energetic rock & roll that sound remarkably like a long-lost Nuggets compilation. For the rest of 2014, Weissbuch has hand-picked five more bands (to be announced later in the year) whose styles range from complex noise-punk to folky bummer pop.
You can also grab the Music Band’s cassette on their upcoming tour….
May 29 Detroit, MI – Garden Bowl
May 30 Cleveland, OH – Happy Dog
May 31 Baltimore, MD – Gold Bar %
June 02 Philadelphia, PA Barbary  %
June Boston, MA Great Scott $
June Brooklyn, NY Death By Audio
June Asbury, NJ Asbury Lanes %
June Shippensburg, PA The Thought Lot
% – w/ Diarrhea Planet
$ – w/ Futurebirds