Impulsive Machinations (Unwound) ready Conformity contortion for New Atlantis

Impulsive Machinations (feat. Thollem Electric and Sara Lund of Unwound) have announced that their debut album, Conformity contortion, will drop June 24 via New Atlantis Records.
Comprised of Thollem Electric on distorted Fender Rhodes, and kinetic drummer Sara Lund (Unwound), the duo’s sound is monolithic, rollicking and forceful- the sum of Thollem’s coiling, fluid lines and Sara’s thunderous backbeats made manifest.
Impulsive Machinations blossomed from Thollem Electric’s Keyngdrum Overdrive, a series of recordings documenting Thollem playing in duo with a wide-ranging cadre of drummers. Typically recorded with a digital portable stereo recorder, the sessions are informal and spirited, ably reflecting the prescience and symbioses afforded by great sessions of free improvisation.
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