Helado Negro to release Invisible Life in March

Helado Negro (aka experimental popsmith Roberto Lange) will return in 2013 for his upcoming Invisible LifeAsthmatic Kitty will deliver the 10-song set on March 5. While Invisible Life has pulled Lange out of the Ombre collaboration for the time being, there are a number of guests that stopped by to assist the solo set. Musicians featured throughout the LP include Bear in Heaven’s Jon Philpot, Mouse on Mars’ Jan St. Werner, Devendra Banhart, Matt Crum and Eduardo Alonso.
Here is the track listing:
1. Llumina Vos
2. Lentamente
3. Dance Ghost
4. U Heard
5. Catastrophe
6. Arboles
7. Relatives
8. Junes
9. Cuantas
10. Catch That Pain