Guts Club announce tour dates (2015)

Former child beauty queen, Lindsey Baker, started Guts Club as a series of music videos that ended up looking like creepy love letters from someone seriously interested in hanging themselves from their own large intestine.
The songs in the videos began to dominate the project and the series turned into an album. Guts Club’s debut full-length, The Arm Wrestling Tournament, was recorded and engineered by Tyler Wood of Oh My Goodness in The Catskills, where all feats of bravery and shamelessness should occur. Lindsey Baker’s father was an actual arm wrestling enthusiast. She has not, however, physically drowned a loved one, or kept a significant other in the trunk of her car.
Catch them live:
November 3- United Bakery Gallery, New Orleans, LA
November 4- The East Room, Nashville, TN
November 5- The Black Sheep Cafe, Springfield, IL
November 6- Daytrotter
November 7- Check in on Grandma
November 8- The Aquadome, Kirksville, MO
November 9- Back Alley Gallery, Oklahoma City, OK
November 10- Burt’s Tiki Lounge, Albuquerque, NM
November 11- Go to Roswell (Aliens)
November 12- Cheer Up Charlie’s, Austin, TX (w/Ruby Fray)