Grayscale share "Change," sign to Anchor Eighty Four

Philadelphia pop-punk band Grayscale is thrilled to announce that they have signed to LA-based label Anchor Eighty Four . The label will release the band’s sophomore EP, Change, on April 14leading up to the up-and-coming five-piece’s debut full-length What We’re Missing, which is due out this summer. With influences such as Brand New, Jimmy Eat World, and The Starting Line, Grayscale aims to connect with their fans through raw, emotional and lyric-focused songwriting.
For now, fans can enjoy Grayscale’s recent video for “Change,” the first single and title track off of their sophomore EP. Change is a snapshot of their upcoming full-length, a teaser of what’s to come.
Change was recorded at Maximum Sound Studio in Boston MA, produced by Gary Cioffi (Transit, Misser).  It was mixed by Gary Cioffi and Phil Dubnik and mastered by Brian Gardner.