Graf Orlock share "A Decent Proposal in a Shitty Alley," tour (2014)

LA visionaries/pranksters Graf Orlock have returned with a new seven-inch, Trailer, their first new music since 2012’s Los Angeles EP. Noisey is now streaming “A Decent Proposal in a Shitty Alley,” a track off Trailer.
Graf Orlock’s Hollywood obsession runs deep – all lyrics, song titles, and artwork are derived from big screen hits and misses of the ’80s and ’90s. A fun joke or a brilliant social commentary? The band suggests the latter: “Looking at issues through the lens of film… shows how fucked up things are,” guitarist Jason Schmidt has stated.
Order Trailer now from the band’s own label, Vitriol Records.
The songs on Trailer will also appear on Graf Orlock’s next LP, Crime Traveler, in the works now for a fall release. Graf Orlock embarks on a tour of the Eastern US this week with Dangers and Holy.
Dangers, Graf Orlock, Holy:
Aug 9 – Washington, DC @ St Stephens
Aug 10 – Columbia, SC @ Foxfield
Aug 12 – Atlanta, GA @ 529 Bar
Aug 13 – Nashville, TN @ Cafe Coco
Aug 14 – Louisville, KY @ Haymarket Whiskey Bar
Aug 15 – Detroit, MI @ Don’t Call It A Fest
Aug 16 – Chicago, IL @ Mousetrap
Aug 17 – Erie, PA @ The Alamo (matinee)
Aug 17 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr Roboto Project
Aug 18 – Buffalo, NY @ 1239 Niagara St
Aug 19 – New Britain, CT @ Pulaski Club
Aug 20 – Somerville, MA @ Cuisine en Locale
Aug 21 – Asbury Park, NJ @ Wunderloft
Aug 22 – Brooklyn, NY @ 538 Johnson
Aug 23 – New York, NY @ ABC No Rio (matinee)
Aug 23 – Philadelphia, PA @ Golden Tea House