Gold Lake and friends cover Love to benefit Amnesty International

Amnesty International, is a constant reference when it comes to looking out for Human Rights. Gold Lake, having always been a fan of Amnesty International’s efforts and work, had been wanting to find a way of helping raise awareness within their humble possibilities. That’s why, after asking Amnesty International what they thought Gold Lake could do to add their grain of sand, together they came to the conclusion that it would be a great idea to record a cover of one of their all-time favorite songs, with friends who play in amazing bands, and then have that video reach as many young music fans as possible in order to bring them closer to Amnesty International’s message and perhaps to knowing a little more about the problems that many lesser privileged people have around the world.
In this case, and with the recent increase of violence in many regions in the world, they chose to shine a light on the hardships of migrant people, whom as everyone knows live through extremely harsh situations in their voyages seeking a new future for themselves or running away from war and other political conflicts. And what better song than the beautiful “Alone Again Or” by Love, who managed to make people think for themselves with their songs at a time, the end of the sixties, when there was so much unrest.
And so Gold Lake got together with some friends who play in bands such as Here We Go Magic, Beirut, Bahamas or Sufjan Stevens to create this video. Talented friends such as trumpet player Kyle Resnick (Beirut, The National), violinist Pico Alt (Sufjan Stevens), bass player Steven Mertens (Here We Go Magic, Moldy Peaches, Adam Green) and Bahamas’ back-up singer Carleigh Aikins joined Gold Lake the studio and their pals from The Wild Honey Pie recorded it on video.
Click Here To Watch “Alone Again Or” (Love Cover) Live Video For Amnesty International