GIZA readies Migration for release

GIZA will release thier third full-length album Migration available August 1. GIZA was formed in early 2012 by Richard Burkett, Steve Becker, and Trent McIntyre, with the idea of creating immensely heavy instrumental music. The first record, Future Ruins, was recorded/mixed by Matt Bayles and released not long after their formation in 2012, with high praise in the doom/sludge scene.
Following the departure of their first drummer, Trent McIntyre, and the acquisition of their current drummer, Justin Rodda, a second record (also recorded/mixed by Matt Bayles) was released in April of 2014, titled, I Am The Ocean, I Am The Sea. The record was a significant mechanism in the evolution of the group. While not a departure from Future Ruins, I am the Ocean, I am the Sea showed steady progress towards a more psychedelic amalgam rather than a pure metallic trudging. I am the Ocean, I am the Sea can be thought of as the stepping stone to their third release Migration, again recorded/mixed by Matt Bayles. GIZA’s newest effort finds the band in its most creative/heavy/mild-melting/amp-worshiping effort to date. It’s also the bands first foray into added musicians.
Migration boasts two guest appearances by Bryce Shoemaker (Bronze Fawn, Jules, Vermillion) on guitar on “Hashteroid” and Irene Barber on vocals (Dust Moth, XVIII Individual Eyes) on “March of the High Priests.”