Fishbone releases first episode of web series

The legendary rock-ska-punk band Fishbone, in association with Fallout Entertainment, Controlled Substance Sound Labs and Zojak Worldwide have dropped the first episode of the five-part web series called The Fishbone Reality: “Unstuck”, Part 1 of “Intrinsically Intertwined”. The first webisode of the series titled “Unstuck” premiered on VEVO in February.

The video series is tied in with the band’s five-song EP, Intrinsically Intertwined, and the first song “Unstuck” features its own music video within an extended eight-minute zany rock ‘n’ roll romp of a webisode; which begins to translate the band’s storyline from their conceptual new five-song recording.  

The Fishbone Reality: “Unstuck”, Part 1 of Intrinsically Intertwined was written, directed and produced by Olivia Barash (Repo Man) and executive produced by Bill Fishman from Fallout Entertainment; reuniting Fishbone and Fishman for the first time since the cult success of the major motion picture Tapeheads. The long form video was filmed on location at the Santa Monica Pier as well as within the walls and grounds of the colossal new YouTube Space LA.  

“This video series is geared towards a modern webisode style ‘sit-com’ inspired by classic music-based TV shows like The Monkees with a touch of The Young Ones,” says Olivia Barash. “If one looks carefully, you will be bound to spot some of the band’s famous fans throughout the cast.”  

Both longtime fans and new listeners are destined to become “Intrinsically Intertwined” with Fishbone’s comic relief within their own reality.