Fight Amp ready 7-inch for Reptillian Records

Reptilian Records has announced the next artist to release a 7-inch via their Keystone Noise Series will be Fight Amp! To be released on September 9, the record will be a two song offering of sludgy noise-punk goodness featuring “No Trace” b/w “Hide Your Teeth.” The latter also features guest backing vocals from Pat Troxell, (now of CREEPOID), who was actually the original vocalist of Fight Amp on their Reptilian Records 2004 debut single.
Composed of Mike McGinnis (guitar, vocals), Jon DeHart (bass, vocals) and Dan Smith (drums), Fight Amp hails from the seedy underbelly of Philadelphia’s thriving noise rock scene. Drawing influence from Dead Kennedys, Cherubs, all things AmRep, His Hero Is Gone, Eyehategod, punk rock, skateboarding, and foreclosed suburban ghost towns, the band has crafted a sound similar to early Melvins being buggered by Queens of the Stone Age. The band recently completed a tour with Ken Mode and has several upcoming East Coast Dates including with Eyehategod and Weedeater as well as a west coast run anchored at Day of the Shred in Santa Ana, CA on Nov. 1.
Pre-order Fight Amp 7-inch here: