Fake Four Inc. Announces Fake Fourantine: a Digital Music Festival, Hosted By Chris Conde

The recent pandemic has forced many artists to cancel shows and postpone tours, which has been a huge blow to their respective livelihoods. Fake Four Inc. artists are amongst those affected, so in an effort to connect with their audiences while also making up for lost income, Fake Four has put together a digital music festival featuring performers from the label as well as affiliate artists. 

From 4-9 PM EST on Saturday, April 4th, rapper Chris Conde will host a live stream via Twitch featuring 15-minute performances from an array of artist within the Fake Four family.

Artists performing are (in no particular order):

Ceschi Ramos
Oscar Goldman
Chris Conde
Paulie Think
MC Homeless
Andy The Doorbum
An Illustrated Mess
Factor Chandelier
Cars & Trains
Spoken Nerd
Ersatz Splynter
Erick Progeny Frias
Gregory Pepper