Ed Schrader's Music Beat release Party Jail

Infinity Cat Recordings, JEFF the Brotherhood’s Nashville label, will release Ed Schrader’s Music Beat’s Party Jail LP tomorrow.
Ed Schrader’s Music Beat is Ed Schrader and Devlin Rice, a minimalist post-punk duo from the fair city of Baltimore, MD. The band started with Ed: a man unhinged channeling to the world a sacred message in the form of song. His only divining instruments: a single floor tom, one light, and a commanding baritone. After a few tours on his own, Ed asked Devlin to join in his quest. Now the band is one guy playing a drum in the dark and another dude with a bass, laughing at his jokes. Party Jail features additional drums by Jeremy Hyman of Ponytail, Dan Deacon, and Boredoms.
Ed Schrader’s Music Beat recently finished a sold-out U.S. tour with Future Islands, and the two bands are currently touring together in Europe.  Look for more U.S. touring from Ed Schrader’s Music Beat in June – including a June 13 Shae Stadium show in Brooklyn, and a June 24 hometown release show at Floristree in Baltimore.