Drug Cabin (ex-Ambulance LTD, Pretty Girls Make Graves) ready debut

Los Angeles based-Drug Cabin will release their debut album Yard Work on February 24. The band, comprised of onetime Ambulance LTD frontman Marcus Congleton and former Pretty Girls Make Graves guitarist Nathan Thelen, revealed a new track “Jesus” off Yard Work which will be released on CD, cassette tape, and digital formats via 401 Music. The song premiered on Brooklyn Vegan who said, “Drug Cabin doesn’t really sound like either Ambulance or PGMG: it’s laid back, a little dusty and, a little funky.” The track is also available to post and share via SoundCloud.
Yard Work is a vast collection of harmonious sweeping deep groove folk-ish dreamy pop was recorded on analog equipment at Gaucho Electronics in Downtown LA at the height of a torrential rainstorm. The rain fell so hard and heavy that instruments and gear had to be carried into the studio under upside down trash cans that served as make shift umbrellas. At one point the studio was partially flooded and those make shift umbrellas were turned right side up and used as buckets to catch rain water from leaky spots in the roof.
Still, ten songs, half co-written by Thelen and Congleton and the other half written singly by each took shape, recorded under natures epic duress in less than two days and shaped by the talented support of Brandon “Eugene” Owens on bass, Sheridan Riley on drums and Frankie Palmer on Pedal Steel.