Dr. Who? No, Doctor Strange

Finally unveiled, the new Doctor Strange film probably leaves more questions than you’d want to ask. Benedict Cumberbatch is the actor staring as the good doctor and he’s probably most topically remembered as that actor who played Khan in the reworked Star Trek episode made into film, Star Trek: Into Darkness. Co-staring alongside Cumberbatch are notable actors 12 Years A Slave actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, the ambiguous Tilda Swinton who was portrayed as the angel Gabriel in Constantine,  and Rachel McAdams whose most memorable role was in The Notebook.

The trailer hints at scenes that are of epic-sized proportions, giving Doctor Strange the freedom that he’s given in the pages of his comic series. Fans should be hopeful to get a good portrayal of Doctor Strange from the quality of actors alone but also from the special effects. And fans should also be thankful Joaquin Phoenix didn’t land the role either.