Doubting Thomas Cruise Control share "Soft Focus"

Doubting Thomas Cruise Control are excited to share their new single “Soft Focus,” the second glimpse into their sophomore full length, Remember Me John Lydon Forever. Due out August 14 via Fleeting Youth Records (Mumblr, Loose Tooth, ScotDrakula) and the band’s own Duckbill Records, the Brooklyn based quartet, comprised of Bobby Cardos (guitar/vocals), Chris Sprindis (bass), Sean Kelly (guitar), and Joe McCarthy (drums/keys) have created a record filled with dynamic indie rock and “slacker pop” or as the band prefer to call it “debt punk”.
Speaking about “Soft Focus,” SPIN claimed, “there will be no ignoring the Brookyn slacker pop outfit, who, with dulled, ambivalently bummed vocals and trudging mid-tempo melodies, sound as if Washington state’s favorite feedback-obsessed experimentalist Phil Elverum finally joined up with a reunited Eric’s Trip.”
Doubting Thomas Cruise Control’s Cardos offered his own insight into the song, “At the end of the day it’s probably just a song about an awkward date that I’m sure this person doesn’t remember at all, because it was completely unremarkable. But I must’ve gotten something out [of it], because otherwise this song would be about something else or maybe not exist.” A heartbreaking song at it’s core, “Soft Focus” is one piece of the bigger puzzle that is Remember Me John Lydon Forever. The album is quirky yet heartfelt, snarling yet sincere, it’s an introspective record that carries themes of growing up, responsibility that comes with age, and life expectations, the thoughts of an artist watching those around them enter “adulthood” and as Cardos puts it, the persuit to “evolve from being defined by what you’re not and what you don’t ascribe to, and using that to figure out what you do ascribe to.”