Divers share "Tracks" from forthcoming debut LP

Divers unveiled the first track off their forthcoming debut LP, Hello Hello today (see Impose debut).
Listen/Post “Tracks”
Divers is a band from Portland, OR. They are Harrison Rapp (guitar and vocals),  Seth Rapp (guitar), James Deegan (bass), and Colby Hulsey (drums). The band describes themselves like so: “We play dynamic, sweaty music. The indie rockers say we are a punk band. The punk rockers are suspicious that we might be an indie band. The bands that have inspired us fall on both sides of the fence, but they all share the same kind of energy. If we have any clear idea about what we are doing, it has something to do with that energy.
Hello Hello is about a couple of bank robbers driving across North America, doing what they do.  The album was recorded at Toadhouse Studios in Portland with Adam Pike and Mike Moore, and will be released on February 17 via Rumbletowne Records and Party Damage Records.  Divers’ live show has been winning over fans and critics alike, and you can expect the legions to grow as the band heads out on the road in March and April (tour dates coming soon)!