Dischord To Release 7″ Box Set

Forty years after the label started, Dischord has decided to reissue the first six Dischord releases in their original 7” vinyl format. The label is set on releasing the following 7″ vinyl as a box set to create Dischord 200:

Dischord # 1 – The Teen Idles “Minor Disturbance” 8-song EP
Dischord # 2 – SOA “No Policy” 10-song EP
Dischord # 3 – Minor Threat “Minor Threat” 8-song EP
Dischord # 4 – Government Issue “Legless Bull” 10-song EP
Dischord # 5 – Minor Threat “In My Eyes” 4-song EP
Dischord # 6 – Youth Brigade “Possible” 7-song EP
All six records have been remastered, with sleeves and lyric sheets reproduced from original art. Also included will be a 12-page booklet.