Detroit Punks Break Anchor Release New Album

Founded in 2011, Break Anchor has been a Midwest mainstay since their inception. Brought together by members Jay Navarro, Cris Golan, Kyle Green, and shortly after starting, adding drummer Daniel Stover, the band settled into their sound. With everyone throwing in their own inspirations and wanting to reclaim an early ’90s East Bay composure, Break Anchor kicked off.

Having spent over a year establishing themselves in the Detroit and Midwest scene, Break Anchor set out on numerous independent tours across the U.S. Since their first EP release in 2012, Black Hearts and Black outs, the band has released a number of other EPs, splits and compilations on numerous labels including SideOneDummy and Paper+Plastick. In 2015, they released their highly acclaimed LP In a van down by the river.

After a short break, Break Anchor has decided to get back to it and Rad Girlfriend Records is releasing a two-song cassette by the band, which can be ordered here.

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