Des Ark finishes new LP, shares "Don Taco & His Hot Sauce Toss"

Des Ark just finished their third full length album, Everything Dies, with a host of collaborators and engineers including Andy Lemaster (Bright Eyes/Drive By Truckers), Jonathan Fuller (Engine Down/Denali), Brian Paulson (Wilco/Beck), Jordan Geiger (Shearwater/Hospital Ships), Taylor Holenbeck (The Appleseed Cast) and Thor Harris (Swans). Everything Dies will be released October 6 on Graveface Records. Everything Dies is available for pre-order now in the Graveface Records online store.
Popular TV has premiered “Don Taco & His Hot Sauce Toss” and the track is available to stream via SoundCloud. “It’s about falling in love with somebody I knew I’d have to leave, because they’d never understand where I come from,” Des Ark’s Aimée Argote explains. “We got a big group of people together to sing the chorus, inviting the listener to come into my home the way my New Orleans family has always invited me to come into theirs.”