Dead In The Dirt ready LP for Southern Lord, tour (2013)

Atlanta’s Dead In The Dirt has completed work on The Blind Hole, the faction’s debut full-length recording, and will unload it upon the masses this Summer via Southern Lord.  As witnessed on the trio’s previous works, 2010’s Vold EP and first release for Southern Lord, 2011’s Fear 7”, as well through their vicious on-stage presence, the band crushes everything in their path with a vehement and volatile crust/hardcore attack. Inspired by the scriptures of His Hero Is Gone, Left For Dead, Infest and DropDead, the faction creates some of the most morose and tonally oppressive music conceivable, all fueled with enraged socio-political lyrical content and straightedge/Vegan ethics.
Catch the band at one of these dates this June:
6/12/2013 Under The Couch – Atlanta, GA w/ Coke Bust
6/28/2013 Roger’s Pub – Chesapeake, VA
6/29/2013 Broad Street Ministry – Philadelphia, PA @ Blow The Scene Fest [info]
6/30/2013 Out Of Step CF – Greensboro, NC