Dark Castle/Taurus' Stevie Floyd does split with Aerial Ruin

Dark Castle/Taurus priestess Stevie Floyd and Aerial Ruin, the gloom-trodden solo outfit featuring former Old Grandad/ Drift Of A Curse/Epidemic mastermind Erik Moggridge, recently joined creative forces for an eclectic split release.
A wholly absorbing, folk-centric offering, the collaboration finds Floyd and Moggridge posing as guest vocalists on select songs off their separate solo recordings with an additional guest appearance from Leviathan/Lurker of Chalice sorcerer Wrest. At once moody, atmospheric, and psychologically crushing, the self-released recording delivers twelve decaying hymns that will be available on vinyl/free download with handmade artwork by Floyd via their official BandCamppPages.
Preorders are currently available via http://www.StevieFloyd.Bandcamp.com and http://www.AerialRuin.BandCamp.com.
Aerial Ruin/Stevie Floyd Track Listing:
01. Aerial Ruin – Where The Shadow Stands
02. Aerial Ruin – November
03. Aerial Ruin – Less Than Decay
04. Aerial Ruin – Blood For Fall
05. Aerial Ruin – Ascending
06. Aerial Ruin – The Only Road
07. Stevie Floyd – You Scathed The Sun
08. Stevie Floyd – Failure
09. Stevie Floyd – Wrest In Natur
10. Stevie Floyd – Disappear
11. Stevie Floyd – Ungod Reappear
12. Stevie Floyd – This Has Gone