Dana Lechthenberg curates 7" box set featuring No Age, Andrew Jackson Jihad, more

As part of an art show he curated for gallery Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles, Chicago-based designer and diehard music afficionado Dana Lecthenberg (The Nerdist), has curated a limited-edition 7-inch box set featuring exclusive covers from Sub Pop noise-punks No Age, Eel Bros (aka Man Man’s Honus Honus & Hot Karate’s King Cyrus), Sean Bonnette of Andrew Jackson Jihad, and Rozwell Kid.
Only 400 copies of this stylishly designed multi-colored vinyl set—designed by Lechtenberg and manufactured by San Francisco’s 
Pirates Press—will be released. The box is available for purchase while supplies last at the Gallery 1988 website.
A 20-year plus “old-timer” in the professional design scene, Dana Lechtenberg was originally taught how to spec type out by hand. He received his first flappy (xacto accident) 15 years into his career. He’s worked with Nerdist Industries, Casey’s General Stores, John Deere, Adidas, Verizon and Rudy’s Tacos. He’s also been involved with the music design field, and previously ran the Tyros label (R.I.P.). By day, he works for a university in Cedar Falls, Iowa; by night, he mows the lawn and barbecues.