Cult Leader cover Mark Kozelek/Desertshore, tour (2015)

Cult Leader have premiered a Mark Kozelek/Desertshore cover song. It appears on the Useless Animal EP, available June 16 from Deathwish Inc.
Listen to “You Are Not My Blood” now on
Cult Leader are a chaotically aggressive band from Salt Lake City, Utah.  Useless Animal is the three-song follow up to their acclaimed debut, Nothing For Us Here(Deathwish 2014). Opening tracks “Useless Animal” and “Gutter Gods” are full bore assaults on the senses; a grinding combination of otherworldly heaviness and deafening distortion, both played with a guttural ferocity and rage that few bands could ever tap into. The B-Side, however, shows Cult Leader expanding their sonic horizons. Joining forces with Subrosa members for a stunning cover of the Mark Kozelek & Desertshore number “You Are Not My Blood,” Cult Leader pays respect to the somber original while still infecting it with their own brand of creative darkness.
05.19 – Boise, ID @ The Shredder
05.20 – Portland, OR @ High Water Mark (21+)
05.21 – Vancouver, BC @ Red Gate Art Society (19+)
05.23 – Seattle, WA @ Rain Fest
05.26 – Anchorage, AK @ Kincaid Bunker
05.29 – Anchorage, AK @ Anchorage Community Works
05.30 – Anchorage, AK @ Chilkoot’s Charlie’s (21+)