Coastwest Unrest shares "All The Fuck You's"

“All the fuck you’s/just won’t do” exclaims Coastwest Unrest frontman Noah Dickie in his trademark, detached baritone, on the Las Vegas outfit’s first single off their newly announced album Black Desert Sweet Mojave. “All The Fuck You’s” could be a cut off Ethan Hawke’s fictional band Hey, That’s My Bike! from Reality Bites, but minus the navel-gazing douchebaggery of Ethan Hawke. On the cut, Dickie treads in a muddy realm he hasn’t previously, employing blatant, blue wordsmithing to trudge through a puddle of 90s-tinged guitar simplicity, with ideal results.
The full length album comes out on July 28 via Reclaim Records, and is co-produced by Portland, Oregon’s Larry Crane at Jackpot! Recording Studios. Noah Dickie is available for interviews, with or without censoring his cursing.
LISTEN/SHARE: “All The Fuck You’s” via SoundCloud

Black Desert Sweet Mojave will be released on July 28 via Reclaim Records.
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