Burn Burn Burn! ready new EP

Seattle, Washington’s Burn Burn Burn! are back with their new EP. have fun, due out physically this August and available digitally now through Bandcamp.
The EP was recorded by Jesse O’Donnell from Noi!se. “We wanted to write a bummed out party record. Basically something upbeat sounding but utterly hopeless and depressing lyrically. We’re super excited and proud of how everything turned out.” – vocalist Drew Smith
You can stream the EP in its entirety through Bandcamp here: https://burnburnburn.bandcamp.com/album/have-fun-2

And if you prefer YouTube, you can stream the album here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jD5sU2OCcTY
Born in the basement of The Nemesis House in Tacoma, Washington, Burn Burn Burn! have been playing loud, obnoxious, punk rock for the better part of five years. Following countless high-energy shows, touring, and 50 dozen lineup changes, they continue to do all of those things regularly – drunker, fatter, and older. With their intense vision to continuously evolve within the punk rock mindset, it’s uncertain where the band will go after the release of their Have Fun EP. One thing is for certain though – they’ll keep going until the fucking van falls apart.