BLKHRTS release singles

Eclectic noise hip-hop BLKHRTS release two singles, SATAN and a remix of CLPPNG’s (Sub Pop) “BODY N BLOOD ” off of Death Bomb Arc compilation No Children streaming HERE.
BLKHRTS will also be joining the lineup for Death Bomb Records 17th Anniversary party at renowned LA punk club The Smell on February 21. Event details available HERE.
Fusing hip-hop and goth music with a rock n roll texture, BLKHRTS receives the reputation of “…fashionably swaggering, sleazy and menacing, but that’s another aspect that hip-hop and goth share…”. Sinister single “Satan” builds a percussive intro into an underground hip-hop beat that shows off rap artistry with dark gothic undertones.
BLKHRTS also creates an in your face slow grind remix of CLPPNG’s BODY N BLOOD that gives street cred to the noise hip-hop phenomenon. The group’s producer Yonnas adds, “We’re not making rap-rock. We’re making hard-core rap music that uses textures and the loud/soft dynamic and the textual element of rock and guitars. We’re the best guitar players in rap.”
As the first recognized and critically acclaimed rap group to come out of Denver, BLKHRTS (Yorrissey, King F.O.E., Karma) has been a force of nature live and in the studio. Eclectic in sound, the group’s genre defying debut album BLK S BTFL was named as one of the year’s best over-looked mix tapes by Pitchfork. Now in the LA scene, BLKHRTS released mixtape Death, Romance, and The Color BLK which precedes Love is Thicker Than Blood EP coming out soon in 2015.