Adult Dude share "New Partner"

CMJ recently premiered Adult Dude’s track “New Partner”.  Adult Dude is four adult dudes living adult-ish lives in NYC. First appearing in early 2013 with their EP release, Adult Dude spent a good chunk of the year following the release trying to fill the void left by the departing of their original bass player, A.J., who spends his days in dental school now, cleaning teeth.  Shuffling through a couple bassists and finally landing with a solid replacement, the band set their minds to writing and recording their debut full length record.  Drawing inspiration from city life, relocation and shows at all-boys summer camps in thunderstorm, the band has turned out “New Partner”, which provides listeners with a taste of wants to come.  Adult Dudes debut full-length can be expected this summer.
“New Partner” is available to purchase and to stream on Adult Dude’s Bandcamp.