Cheap Girls release acoustic version of My Roaring 20s

Cheap Girls have announced that they will be releasing an acoustic version of their sophomore album, 2009’s My Roaring 20s digitally via Quote Unquote Records. As with all Quote Unquote releases, the album will be free, with an optional donation. Any donations for the album will go toward paying for Cheap Girls singer/bassist Ian Graham’s upcoming knee surgery.
Regarding the recording, Graham writes:
“We recorded this a couple years back and have been trying to figure out a decent time to get it out. It is exactly what it seems like – an acoustic version of our second record. Not simply a boring guitar/vocal record, but with plenty of additional fun things that we thought were a good idea throughout recording. I’m listening to it right now and I’ve gotta say that it certainly retains a fair amount of ‘charm.’”
The record will be released, well, yesterday. You can read the full post about it here.