Wrap Ups: Jesse at Lollapalooza 2009


lollapalooza You might have had a good time, if you looked like this.

All right, so I wasn’t really at Lollapalooza.
But I work like, two blocks from where it was and I closed the store on both that Friday and Saturday night, so this is moreso my wrap up of why I hate outdoor music festivals: people. Teaming, filthy masses of people.
All down the east/west streets in the Loop of Chicago, there was nothing but screaming filthy hordes pouring out west into the heart of the city. And it didn’t look like any of them really cared who they just saw play music.
Reading the lineup in the subway posters gave me great hope that this would be a good year. But then again, the addition of Snoop Dogg, and the continuance of Jane’s Addiction made me wary for good reason: not one of these people that I saw screaming for no reason as they crossed Michigan Avenue cared who Constantines were.
Not only that, but due to my residing too far south in Chicago and necessitating me take the commuter line instead of the elevated train, that meant I had to share a train car with a shit ton of high school kids who just spent the day playing in the mud and were inexplicably drunk and obnoxious as they headed out to the suburbs.
On Saturday, the wife came and picked me up to help me avoid all the stinky leftovers from that day’s festivities (it was a heat index of far over 100), but it took us twenty minutes to find a crossing route back to Lake Shore Drive.
And that, folks, is our wrap up here of the Lollapalooza 2009 event. Horrible, horrible people, making a day of some the best bands unbearable to the working folks. Of course, next year, if maybe I could secure some real press access…