InFested: Latest Flame Records calls it quits with farewell show in Milwaulkee

Latest Flame Records and are calling it quits after 12 + years. However, they are planning the LFR Farewell with a weekend of music by their favorite bands!
Three of the bands who’ve confirmed for the weekend are reuniting in the fall; The Response, Troubled Hubble and Police Teeth.  Nervous Curtains and We Are Hex will be playing as part of larger tours to promote their new LPs. As for the rest: Testa Rosa, The Gunshy, IfIHadAHiFi, Karl J. Paloucek, Last Giant (playing System and Station songs), Heavy Hand, WAXEATER, Trophy Wives, Body Futures, and Go Go Slow W/Karl J. Paloucek playing the songs of Fuckface.
Friday, October 23 @ Club Garibaldi’s – 8pm
We Are Hex (Indianapolis, IN)
Nervous Curtains (Dallas, TX)
Go Go Slow w/Karl J. Paloucek plays the songs of Fuckface (Milwaukee, WI)
Last Giant plays the songs of System and Station (Portland, OR)
The Response (Milwaukee, WI)Body Futures (Milwaukee, WI)
Saturday, October 24 @ Club Garibaldi’s – 5pm
Troubled Hubble (Elburn, IL)
The Gunshy (Chicago, IL)
Police Teeth (Seattle, WA)
IfIHadAHiFi (Milwaukee, WI)
WAXEATER (Kentuckiana)
Heavy Hand (Milwaukee, WI)
Trophy Wives (Louisville, KY)
Testa Rosa (Milwaukee, WI)
Karl J. Paloucek (Chicago, IL)