Cincinnati's MidPoint Music Festival offers early bird online ticket prices (2015)

Music fans can now take advantage of early bird online ticket prices to Cincinnati’s MidPoint Music Festival.   And, hello, what’s this? For the first time in 14 years, organizers are shifting festival dates from a Thursday, Friday, Saturday format to now run on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The change is the result of feedback from fans.
“For those who want to make the trip from somewhere nearby, like Indianapolis or Columbus, MidPoint showcases throughout the weekend should make it an easier decision,” said Dan McCabe, artistic director.   “The festival has consistently put out a great live music experience. We are hoping to connect more fans with their new favorite band with this change.”
“Moving to a Friday, Saturday, Sunday format offers us more programming opportunities in the daytime at venues like Washington Park,” added Dan Bockrath, executive director. “We’ll be inviting fans to come out earlier this year to enjoy bands, food, art…the whole festival atmosphere.”
Limited quantities of early bird tickets are now available through Fans who act now can take advantage of a first round of ticket sales with Weekend Passes only $69, while V.I.P. Passes cost $149. Both options offer all access, including the main stage.   Once that quantity sells out, a second round of tickets will price Weekend Passes at $79 and V.I.P. Passes at $179. After Labor Day, Weekend Passes will cost $89.   Fans following the festival through social media can expect to learn about more artists in this year’s lineup towards the beginning of summer.
Festival dates: Friday, September 25 through Sunday, September 27, 2015 Tickets:            First round Weekend Pass $69; VIP Pass $149                         Second round Weekend Pass $79; VIP Pass $179                         Third round Weekend Pass $89; VIP Pass $179 — after Labor Day