Float On OK; An interview with David Boone of Alberta

Alberta is the music of David Boone. MMMMM is the title of his newest release.

If this record came from an explosion, then the body it came from must be Frankenstein’s monster. Written on a Salvation Army piano, a couch modded guitar, and recorded in a garage-built studio, it is hardly a record that screams slick, rather an album that is relentless in its exploration of color and attitude. Each song really does seem to float out somewhere on its own, but by the time all 11 tracks are through, the familiarity that at one time bound all together is obvious.

Boone’s approach in the studio mirrors his approach outside of it. Four weeks after MMMMM was done, he sold all of his things, outfitted an old work van worthy enough to catch some rest in, and took off. Playing anywhere and everywhere, the 29-year-old Detroit native — who called Chicago and Seattle each home for a spell, has been on the road since.

Ghettoblaster caught up with Boone from the road to discuss the record.

When did you first begin writing the material for MMMMM?

Hmmmm. You know I’m not too sure it was a very specific, set up, sit down, write it out thing.  Some of them were hanging around for awhile, and some came out of nowhere. I set up my studio last august or September. I remember walking in there with 60 or so songs and just started kind of tracking and writing more, deconstructing, rebuilding, mixing it all together. At the end I thought the ones that ended up on the album worked the best. 

How did you come to name the record MMMMM?

I’m so bad at titles in general, but had an early idea for a record cover and wanted to mess with text — and just happened to hit a bunch of m’s. And then I liked the idea of it being such. 

How many records have Alberta and the Dead Eyes released? And why are there no Dead Eyes on this record?

So. I suppose I have put out four EPs, three full-lengths and  some random b-side type of material. Funny enough, this is the first record in a longtime that I have other musicians on. I usually track most of the instrumentations alone. Lucky enough to have some guys join me in this one.

The Dead Eyes is a name I added behind Alberta to make Spotify searches easier. I kept getting some German bands records out on my page and figured that’d solve that. Though now I’m creating confusion with people so….maybe back to the drawing board, as they say. 

What current artists are you listening to these days? Any new artists you come across on your travels that we should be aware of?

I’ve met some great people on the road. Josh Parks Davis out of Iowa is bad as hell, great songwriter and an overall good human. Henry Turner Jr. in Baton Rouge is doing real good stuff too and was more than accommodating to me. This band from Ottawa threw the fucking house down, they are called The Tackies. Beach Boys meet Sabbath. As far as listening pleasures…I’m all over the….literally and figuratively. I am writing this from Kansas City, so I’ll tell you my listens today: 

Music For Lovers only By Jackie Gleason 

Sugar at the Gate by TOPS

Funhouse by The Stooges 

And some John Prine shuffle 

and some Fresh Air interview.

What’s next in the world of Alberta? Any possible videos from the record?

I’m hoping to do a video. I just need to post up somewhere long enough to get it done. I’m ready to get back into the studio as well, but until then I’ll keep playing and pushing mmmmm